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This ‘About’ me page is more about how the internet has change the business world and the services I offer has enbraced these changes and increase my customer’s profit margins.

I have been involved in web marketing since 1999.
When I ran a team of 15 developers for a web agency in 99. In those early days a web marketing  project arrived on my desk, which we had never tackled before. The client asked for their website to appear on Altavista,FAST,Northern Lights,iwon,Ask,Lycos,MSN,yahoo and also the new kid on the block Google (who opened their doors in September 1998).

I managed to get their domain a top listing  on Google and other search engines using the top 100 keywords/phrases for ‘Property’ within a few weeks.

In 2002 I started TOP PAGE, http://www.top-page.co.uk to specialise in natural Search Engine Optimisation. The first year was tough because hardly anyone had broadband or knew of Google and my customers were paying for dial-up connections. It was an education for most people at that time. When they could see that  broadband was going to be available to everybody and that searching and browsing the internet would explode, SEO was a must for their business.

2004 – UK broadband takeup doubled
2005 – Online Gaming explosion
2006 – Youtube sold $1.65 Billion to Google
2008 – Iphone out sells all other mobiles & PDA’s
2009 – Twitter, web 2.0 social media explosion, Amazon Kindle 2 Launched
2010 – iPad first generation launched, the tablet race begins!
2011 (Nov) –  Google+ launched
2012 (April) – Facebook has in excess of 900 million active users, IPO estimation in May/ June $100bn

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email: info(at)top-page.co.uk

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